RV + Work = Travel

Workamping can be anything you want!

For my family, we started with a dream of exploring the United States. Goals of taking our kids on an endless adventure where small and big discoveries would roll seamlessly into everyday life and family memories would easily be attained through cherished moments together as perpetual travelers. We fell into Workamping after a few internet searches of ‘working + RVing’ and came across a program called Camperforce by retail giant

Working for Camperforce is probably the farthest you can get from the traditional expectation of Workamping, which for us seemed perfect for young folks just starting out, but like many others we would soon figure out that this gig is hard work and takes more than just the ability to stand for extended periods of time, to make it through and still keep your smile! (We’ll talk more about this later.)

So back to my original point… you live in an RV, regardless of if you are full-time, part-time or seasonal and you work, then you are Workamping.

Examples of Workamping

  • Volunteering as a Docent
  • Working as a Camp Host
  • Selling Campground Maps & Advertising
  • On-Site Resort Activity or Recreation Director
  • Mystery Shopping at local businesses.
  • Operating a Small Business
  • Selling Crafts at Fairs & Festivals
  • Working as an RV Inspector
  • Working Remote for a company
  • Being a Wagon Master for RV caravans.
  • Selling snacks at sporting events.
  • Providing security at an oil field gate.
  • Small Business as a Virtual Assistant
  • On-Site property manager
  • Being a Dog Show Judge.
  • Inspecting gas lines in neighborhoods.
  • Trading a few hours at the campground for rent.

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