RV Jobs at Rocky Mountain Recreation Company 

RV Jobs at Rocky Mountain Recreation Company

For over 35 years, Rocky Mountain Recreation Company has provided a network of management teams to campgrounds, day-use facilities, and trail heads. They are dedicated to connecting recreation and preservation and understand the importance of keeping our natural environment protected and making sure the landscape is unchanged. 

On the other hand, experiencing these places through camping, hiking, and other fun outdoor activities can create connection to the land and promote sustainable recreation. If this sounds like a message you can get behind, then it’s time to join the Rocky Mountain Recreation team! 

Rocky Mountains Recreation Company

Whether you want to try your hand at maintenance work in snowcapped Colorado or heat things up at the Apache National Forest in Arizona, Rocky Mountains Recreation Company is a go to resource for finding that perfect job location. Despite the actual Rocky Mountains spanning from Montana to New Mexico, RMRC expands its available campgrounds into California, Arizona, and Washington State. But if you are die-hard on working in the Rockies, they have you covered there too with facilities in Colorado, Montana, and South Dakota. 

Another great perk to this network of campgrounds and facilities is that the positions offered are, at times, both seasonal and year-round. Workamping is an adjustable lifestyle which means sometimes you’re never in one place for long or you hunker down and spend some time in a place you really love. Utilizing the Rocky Mountain Recreation website, you have options for any motivation. 

Jobs at Rocky Mountain Recreation Company

Rocky Mountain Recreation offers several opportunities from customer service officers, maintenance, store operators, landscape personnel, kiosk operators, and custodians. You could also get a chance to work at marinas, campgrounds, water recreation facilities, fuel docks, and tackle stores. There are multiple working positions that can be available at one time. Here is a small breakdown of some of those job opportunities and what they entail!

Camp Host Jobs at Rocky Mountains Recreation Company

Camp Host– This is your most common workamping position and not just for RMRC. It is an all-encompassing position that ensures campground cleanliness, facilitates smooth running operations, and promotes guests’ satisfaction. That’s what makes this position so important to campgrounds across the nation. 

As a Camp Host for Rocky Mountain Recreation Company, you will be asked to be the main liaison for fee collection and guest information. Because of this it helps if you have customer service, scheduling, bookkeeping, or computer skills. This is a great position for someone who enjoys greeting people and feels comfortable registering and sorting information. 

The second half of a Camp Host’s responsibilities is to keep the campgrounds clean! This means restrooms, camp sites, and all public use areas are the responsibility of the live in liaison. It’s an added bonus if you enjoy keeping things tidy and cleanly. The Rocky Mountain Recreation Company website breaks down these routine duties as restroom care, fire pit and grill maintenance, litter pick up, picnic table cleaning and overall campsite turnover.

Area/Forest Manager Jobs at Rocky Mountains Recreation Company

Area/Forest Managers– The skills required for this opportunity include, but are not limited to, the ability to provide excellent leadership skills, the capacity to multitask and manage, and surprisingly, experience and comfortability boondocking in your RV! Like the name suggests, the Area/Forest Manager is the overseer of multiple campground spaces and their workers. You can be expected to travel from site to site taking care of guests and campground needs. You will be provided a site with limited hookup services. 

Dockhand/Cashier Jobs at Rocky Mountains Recreation Company

Dockhand/ Cashier– If you’re wanting to step out of the norm, Rocky Mountain Recreation Company also provides not so common positions like a dockhand worker at Santa Margarita Lake, California. This fast paced, high-energy job is perfect for those who’ve spent time around the water and have a great knowledge of boating and boating maintenance. Not only that but you must be prepared to provide excellent customer service. Being a dockhand also means being able to lift heavy objects and multitask through the busy days. As a cashier you will be taking care of rental purchases and customer service requests. 

 As you can see Rocky Mountain Recreation has a little something for everyone. From maintenance, customer service, and custodial, to the all-encompassing Camp Host, the RMRC website is essential for any workamping season. Begin your search here at: https://rockymountainrec.com/contact/job-listings 

To apply visit: https://rockymountainrecapply.com with a resume, photo, and 3 location preferences. 

Jobs at Rocky Mountains Recreation Locations

Like mentioned before, Rocky Mountain Recreation has locations across the West, Southwest and Northwest areas with campgrounds, day-use facilities, trails stretching from Washington to Arizona. Here is a list of National Forests that are associated with RMRC.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest- This is one of the oldest National Forests in the United States and it’s located in the southwest corner of Washington state. It includes the Mt. Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument in its collection of 1,312,000 acres.

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest- This 4-million acre forest lies east of the Cascade Crest of Washington with elevations up to over 9,000 ft. As the website states “The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is most noted for a wide range of recreation opportunities” and offers landscapes from “deep, lush valleys of old growth forest, to the dry and rugged shrub-steppe country at its eastern edge”.

Pike & San Isabel National Forest- This massive stretch of Colorado land is a culmination of 2 National Forests and 2 National Grasslands with a diverse biological landscape of “ecosystems rich in history, geology, scenery, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities”. All the campgrounds located within this system are operated by Rocky Mountain Recreation so if this is your dream location, make sure to check the website for any availabilities.

San Juan National Forest- With all of its campgrounds also managed by RMRC, these 1.8 million acres of high desert and mountain peaks is located in the southwestern corner of Colorado. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities with horse, bike, hiking trails throughout. It is also located near the town of Durango for your entertainment or grocery needs.

Sequoia National Forest- We are all familiar with this absolute gem of Southern California. The Sequoia trees are a gigantic reminder of how beautiful our forests really are. But if hiking is your thing this is your ideal workamping location! With over 1,000 miles of trails, 47 of those miles are dedicated to part of the infamous Pacific Crest Trail. These campground locations are also near whitewater rapids, streams, and lakes with opportunities to fish, boat, and horseback ride.

Custer Gallatin National Forest- Stretched across both Montana and South Dakota this is a great place to spend some time near Yellowstone National Park. Full of forest, rolling hills, wilderness, prairies, mountains, buttes and bluffs, come and work in one of United States most rugged landscapes. 

Apache Sitgreaves National Forest- Welcome to east-central Arizona with over 2 million acres of deserts and mountain ranges. With an elevation reaching up to 11,000 feet, at times you will have a great view of the White Mountains, including mount Baldy and Escudilla Mountains. “On the Sitgreaves, the major attractions for the visitors from the desert are the Mogollon Rim and eight cold-water lakes.” https://rockymountainrec.com/campgrounds/ 

Compensation for Rocky Mountains Recreation Workamping Jobs

Compensation will vary for each campground, so it is important to acknowledge what set up works best for you. Camp hosts are offered both a wage and site, while hours needed may differ depending on the location. Some manager positions are offered seasonal salaries and RV sites while others are guaranteed just a site. 

You will also need to keep in mind what kind of hookups you are able to adapt to. Like mentioned before, a lot of positions encourage boondocking experience as many of the campgrounds are located in natural landscapes where sewer, water, and electricity are not always readily available. That being said, there are a few job opportunities that do offer full hookups. All things to keep in mind to make sure you are receiving your definition of a livable situation and wage. 

Things to Know

Other things to note before applying to a position with Rocky Mountain Recreation Company are that you will be required to wear a uniform and work on the weekends.

  • Communication devices are provided but any use of personal vehicles will be compensated on a pre-approved basis.
  • This is a workamping position meaning that you must bring your own RV or camping unit.
  • Be sure to check in to make sure your setup is compatible with any park you may be assigned to. 

Workamping is an excellent way to see the country and as this article shows its worth adding Rocky Mountain Recreation Company to your list of workamping resources. From forests, deserts and mountain ranges to maintenance work, kiosk associates, and Camp Hosts this team of outdoor lovers has a place and position for any working nomad.

With a mission to respect the natural world and its beautiful landscapes it’s a great company for those who are passionate about conservation and preservation. And if you just like to play outside, well there’s plenty of that to! 

So, check out https://rockymountainrec.com/ for more information and plan your next workamping experience today!

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