It’s time to start a remote business or find a remote job…

If you don’t already have a remote income stream, you need to be thinking about building one, and fast! 

Going Remote Is The New Path To Retirement!

Camille Attell

“The world has changed radically in just a few short months. It was only last year that we had the strongest job market in decades, and I was teaching people how to find remote work and travel. Now I have turned my attention to helping people navigate these uncertain times.

The new normal is going remote. 

You know that because you were either laid off, had hours cut back, shut a business, or were impacted in other ways. The reality is that knowing how to work remotely or run your own remote business is no longer optional. Someday is today, and if you don’t learn how to work remotely, your future work opportunities may be limited and so will your travel dreams.

Need Ideas on Remote Jobs that are available right now? Check out this post on Jobs for Digital Nomads with 101 companies that hire!

I believe that going remote is the new path to retirement. And finding remote work or turning your skills into a service or product online is the BEST way to ensure a more secure future. Whether you dream of a future of flexibility, travel, or simply more security, you must start TODAY so that you’re ready for the remote future.”

Personally, I wish I had had more guidance from someone who could have saved me time, money and heartache along the way. There’s a lot I didn’t know when I first started, and still so much I could learn to make things better… 

That’s why I’m really excited to share that my friend Camille is hosting a free masterclass next week all about reinventing yourself with remote work!

Remote Life Reinvention Masterclass

Join Camille online next week for 3 live webinars full of information and inspiration to fuel your remote work journey! Learn 4 Ways to Reinvent Yourself With Remote Work or Business to Have Income Forever.

Gain valuable insight from the expert in remote work, and start figuring out how you can either start your own remote business or grab a remote job you can do from anywhere!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the masterclass:

  • The 4 key things to do to have remote income forever.
  • Why you have more skills than you think and how to use them remotely.
  • How to choose the right remote opportunities that fit your lifestyle.

Camille has 3 live classes scheduled, but of course seating is limited!

Live Masterclass Dates

Sounds exciting right? It is.

That’s why I’m personally inviting you to attend. In fact, I’ll be there as well!

To be honest, if you’re thinking about remote work or starting a remote business, you do NOT want to miss this!

About Camille

Camille is the real deal when it comes to remote work and business. She left a long-time career in corporate America as a corporate trainer and coach to reinvent herself remotely. She’s tried 12 different remote job types and a few business ideas too. Today she runs Remote Work School where she’s trained nearly 400 people how to find remote work or start a remote business. And she’s been a full-time nomad for 4 years on top of that!

Spots are limited so be sure to grab your seat today!