Reasons for RV Renovation: Why You Should Consider Renovating Your RV

Reasons for RV Renovation: Why you should consider RV renovation

Reasons for RV Renovation: Why You Should Consider Renovating Your RV

RV renovation is something almost every RVer has heard about or experienced during their tiny home journey. Whether you have considered doing your own project or have seen some of the incredible RV renovations others have already done, it’s a hot topic in the RV community.

But RV renovation can be a scary thought for some people especially if you have no experience renovating or understand the challenges that can occur when renovating large homes.

Well, this article is here to tell you that there are so many benefits to RV renovation!

RV Renovation Costs

The cool thing about RV renovation is that you’re starting everything from a smaller scale.

When you think of a remodel project you often associate it with big costs, contractors, appliances coming in and out. However, with RV renovation less goes a long way and you’ll realize quickly that what it took to redo an entire room in a larger home could be spent redoing your entire RV.

Repainting my entire bedroom cost $5-10 when all I needed to get the job done was a sample size paint container. Even less to repaint my kitchen cabinets.

The point is that the spaces you’re working with will simply cost less because you are using less materials.

When you are renovating a smaller space, it also makes it easier to upcycle or thrift around (if that’s the route you choose). Many of my bedroom furnishings, home décor, even my countertops and storage spaces have been thrifted or upcycled from somewhere else because I simply don’t need a lot of the same materials.

There have been many times I have taken a single floor length drape and turned it into two bedroom curtains and there was that time I found left over countertop materials at Habitat for Humanity.

But even if you choose to go completely brand new, the bottom line is that you are just not dealing with such a large space and redoing 3 cabinets is a lot cheaper than redoing 10.

RV Renovation: Reasons for RV Renovation

But RV renovation also means more money for the good stuff..

Another perk to saving during a RV renovation is that you can spend more on the more expensive luxuries. When you spend so little cost renovating your tiny space, you have room to splurge on any major replacements you are wanting to make.

Often times RVs are built with standard appliances but when you work at redesigning your camper to suite your needs you end up with a home you can truly function in. For some this means bigger refrigerators. For me, adding a tankless water heater for endless hot showers.

Whatever you desire from your RV, renovation is a great way to get there!

Reasons for RV Renovation: Why you should consider RV Renovation!

Tailor your RV renovation to your needs

But why stop at just tailoring the luxuries when you can tailor the whole trailer! It’s understood that most RVs are built to conserve space. And with most everything built into place for easy transportation, it can mean being stuck with however the manufacturer designed it.

 Or are you?! When you consider RV renovation you are giving yourself a chance to fit your tiny space to your own desires. So, rip that booth right out of there! Don’t need that hideous entertainment center? Rip that out too. RV renovation allows you to do you in whatever way you wish.

For some, your RV is your home and spending enough time in any space you quickly begin to realize what you need to make it comfortable.

Some turn their kitchen table into sitting booths to add more room for guests or family members. For others it’s turning their back bunks into a home office. Your RV renovation is a chance to design a home that fits your needs on a daily basis.

It’s also a great time to add or detract space where you see fit. Built in storage, vertical pantries, even  bookshelves can create space that wasn’t originally in the design of your RV. On the contrary, you can, like me, take away storage areas to create more open spaces.

RV renovation truly is about you!

RV Renovation: Reason for RV Renovation

RV renovation can be a cheaper option than buying new

That’s why it may be more affordable to renovate an RV rather than buying new. When it comes down to it, most RVs are fitted with same equipment, tanks, lights, wheels, slides, bathrooms, and so on. These are all standard things you might need in an RV.

Where the luxury comes in is how those basic needs are presented to you and while some RVs are absolutely gorgeous to look at, the expense of buying new may not be worth all glamour.

The truth is that newer RVs are just as likely to run into issues. Especially in an all-electric world. Pumps go out, slides won’t come back in and while it’s great when things are under warranty, buying new sometimes isn’t the right option.

So, don’t be overwhelmed if you like the style of a newer RV but can’t afford its price tag. RV renovation allows you to buy for your price range and focus your energies building up the inside.

Buying to renovate allows you to focus on getting the basic layout you want and spending the rest turning it into your dream home.

RV Renovation: Reason for RV Renovation

RV renovation is easier than you’d think!

The best thing about RV renovation? It’s actually a whole lot easier than you would think. Renovating a large home takes a number of different specialists, contractors, and estimates. Even just time tarping and taping everything for weeks or months at a time can be enough to stress anyone out. With an RV renovation your new contractor is a YouTube channel and your month long rehaul is a weekend project.

Now of course things will come up and you should always call a specialist when dealing in areas you aren’t comfortable or knowledgeable with. RV renovation can be hard work and will take time and effort depending on how big a project you plan to take on.

But I was stumped for a few years wanting to convert my dining booth into a work desk only to find out it only took a screwdriver and a day to decide when to do it. For some renovations you don’t need to be a craftsman and it could be as simple as repainting the cabinets or turning your built-in TV unit into a bookshelf.

You can do as much or as little as you want!

RV Renovation: Reason for RV Renovation

RV Renovation allows you to reimagine your RV

Even if you are satisfied with your RV it doesn’t hurt to give your home a make-over. I can’t tell you how many time in the last 7 years my small travel trailer has almost completely changed styles. From flooring changes to completely reworking spaces, my tiny home is always adapting to my transforming needs. A simple paint job or rearrangement can completely redefine your RV space.

RV renovation is an excellent way to fall back in love with your home on wheels. Like I said before, most RVs have the basics, bathroom, bedroom, ect. So if you’re just fine with your current rig but need a change, RV renovation is your answer to rediscovering what you love about the RV life.

For the first few years of having my camper, I loved being able to have people at my dining room table. The booths worked perfectly for a guest or two. But as I began to travel more and working from home become more of an option, I learned that booths were no longer fitting my needs.

” RV renovation is your answer to rediscovering what you love about the RV life. “

I had books to spread out and utensils I used regularly and wanted within arm’s length. Now, I have a long, wall-length desk facing the main window with all of my supplies and work equipment at the ready. Should I want to change it back into a dining area, well it wouldn’t take much to do that either. The idea is that RV renovation is an almost essential way to keep your current RV working for you.

RV Renovation: Reasons for RV Renovation

RV renovation is a great way to review, redo, renew, and reinvent your RV space. It can be an excellent way to budget when considering a new RV or even help you cut cost when renovating your current one. RV renovation means tailoring everything to your standards or reworking the layout to suite your evolving requirements. Even just a simple paint job can completely redefine how you experience your RV!

Regardless of your project or skill set RV renovation is great way to revamp your camper!

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