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The Live Camp Work Podcast Transcripts

Podcast Transcript: FTFW Bonus

by | Oct 17, 2019

Sharee Collier 0:00
Live camp work, where, when and how you want, it’s your choice.

Sharee Collier 0:25
Welcome to the live camp work podcast, a show dedicated to working our beers who want the best of it all. I’m your host Sharee Collier, founder and director of operations of the live camp or community where our focus lies in all three aspects of real camp life, living in your RV, RV, camping in RV road trips, and working on the road. If camp life is right for you, let’s dream it planet and do it now. Stop waiting for later when today is better than perfect. Come on. Let’s get started.

Sharee Collier 1:05
Alright, let’s get started with today’s episode. It’s a special bonus episode where we’re switching things up and chatting with Camille Patel and Liz. Welcome to creator’s behind the upcoming full time freedom week event. If you guys are unfamiliar with the lovely ladies I’m chatting with today. They’re pretty awesome To start off, but as a quick intro, I’ll just let you know Camille is the founder of the remote work school. I know you guys have seen that in some of my emails. She’s the founder of that program where she helps our viewers work through their remote work journeys. And Liz is the creator of the virtual campground where she takes a light hearted look into camp life. So Camille and Liz, I want to start off and just say thank you so much for joining me on this podcast. And welcome. Thank you. Thank you can I just say Sharee Can I steal that line about

Sharee Collier 2:00
light hearted look at Camp life. I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain the virtual camp ground for three years and you just nailed it think it was so good. Oh my gosh. Should I be a copywriter? Yes. 100% Yeah, you can have that line. That is it. That’s your tagline. We love it. I’m literally going to go switch that on my side.

Sharee Collier 2:25
It was so funny. Okay, ladies, I want to say thanks so much for joining me today. I think this is going to be an amazing episode. I want to dig into all the details about the full time freedom week event and just let everyone who’s listening know the who, what, when, where, why and how, you know, I just want to get all those details but before we go with that, if you guys could just take turns and really just introduce yourselves and just let everyone know who you are. Sure I can kick it off. This is Camille. I tell you’ve already introduced me. I’m the founder of remote work school. I got my start though with our blog more than a Whelan which started off as an artist.

Camille Attell 3:00
Life travel and remote work blog, which then of course, expanded into remote work school and I was super excited to be a part of your summit Sharee that was a ton of fun. And that’s, you know, I’ve been on the road now for

Camille Attell 3:16
over three years left, my corporate job is a long career, actually, corporate job. I’d been in one place for 11 years. Total corporate experience over 20 years. So my husband and I walked away from all of that and we’ve been RV full time ever since just enjoying the lifestyle we’ve hit. We just hit our 40th state last Wow. Yeah. And something like 35,000 miles I my husband keeps track of all the details, but that I know that we’re real close to that.

Sharee Collier 3:46
That’s, that’s a huge adventure. Yeah. Great. Okay. And Liz, you want to introduce yourself?

Liz Wilcox 3:52
What up? I’m Liz Wilcox, and I want to be Camilla tell when I grow up.

Liz Wilcox 3:59
We’ve been working came together for gosh over two years now. And yeah, I run a website called the virtual campground to keep you happy and humid on the road. I basically tell a lot of funny stories about our being my compile the book, Camille’s part of that book too. It’s called Tales from the black tank, a collection of hilariously crappy RV stories. And I think that pretty much sums up the virtual campground.

Liz Wilcox 4:26
I’ve been RV for three years. I’m mostly stationary. We traveled all of 2018. And now I do weekend stuff. So I’ve been every in any type of RV or you can imagine. Oh my gosh, I love that because I feel like we’re right there with you. We’ve done it full time. Part time. We’ve done seasonally stationary now, just for a little bit. I mean, it’s just so crazy. Like there’s so many different aspects to RV life and they’re all different. You’ll see that once you do, you know different parts of it. So thank you guys for introducing yourself.

Sharee Collier 5:00
It’s so funny. And Liz, I do want to say that I totally have a few stories. I would love to contribute to those Tales from the black tank.

Liz Wilcox 5:08
Yeah, I need an expanded version. So I’ll hit you up later

Sharee Collier 5:12
. Yes, yes. What happened just the other day, I’ll just give you a teaser. Oh, a full grey tank, which I was unaware of.

Sharee Collier 5:23
A full green tank I was unaware of. And like, brushing my teeth and accident, like spit in. spit into the sink and it went straight down and it’s like, boop, right back up. It was disgusting.

Liz Wilcox 5:38
Oh, that’s super yummy.

Sharee Collier 5:42
It missed my mouth by just a few few centimeters. Discussing and immediately I thought Liz needs to write a post.

Liz Wilcox 5:51
I was just gonna say, you know, it just warms my heart when girls things like that happen and people think oh wow. I gotta talk to her

Sharee Collier 6:03
immediately that’s what I thought about so yeah, the next time your tank overload all you listeners out there, let me know I want to hear about it.

Camille Attell 6:13
I just say this is already the funniest podcast I’ve ever been on. Oh, good.

Camille Attell 6:20
Good, good. My podcast usually aren’t this great, you know? Sharee just chatting away about you know, RV stuff. Well, Y’all better buckle up. Here we go. So, okay, who’s gonna tell me what is full time freedom week? We need to know. Okay, well, I can kick it off. You actually kind of alluded to it without even knowing about it. Sharee when you talked about, you know, there’s so many different ways to RV part time, work, camping, and weekends. And that is really what full time freedom week is all about. It’s the culmination of all the different ways that you can RV. It is an online event. We also have a live event that folks are welcome to come to, if tickets

Camille Attell 7:00
are still available by the time this airs, it’s November 5 through the eighth. But it’s mostly online and it’s all about the RV lifestyle. We give you tons of amazing content with fantastic speakers, including yourself, Sharee. And me and Liz and a whole bunch of other people. We’ve got awesome partners, giveaways, prizes, you name it, we’ve got it. It’s going to be a ton of fun. And we would love for anyone listening to attend. We’ve got free tickets available, and a whole bunch of other options we’ll talk about later. You know, I love those free tickets.

Liz Wilcox 7:31
Don’t we all? If it’s free is for me. I just told my brother that today. Yes. That’s a good tagline right there. I’m wearing Kermit the Frog leggings. And he said, Oh my gosh, like I said, my sister in law gave this to me. And if it’s free as for me

Sharee Collier 7:49
it’s funny. Okay, so thank you so much for telling us what it is now. Full time freedom week. So it’s all about how to be full time.

Camille Attell 8:00
Enjoy the freedom of RV life any way you choose. That’s what I’m hearing. Right? So the full time part is a little bit different. It’s not literal. It’s not like you have to RV full time, but it’s having the mindset of freedom full time. And that’s why this year we’re changing it up a little bit. We’ve done this for three years, and this year, we’re modifying it because, as all of us the founders, which not only include myself and Liz, but Lindsay Mackenzie and Julie chicory, we’ve all been are being in so many different ways. And we’ve seen that happening all across the community that we’re in that people you know, they buy an RV, they sell an RV, they downsize, they you know, work camp, then they get a job online, then they blog. I went to Thailand last year. So there’s just so many ways to do this, that we’re really making the content all about everything you need to know to do it your way. That’s really what it’s about. I love that because my way is different from your way and you’re from Liz and you

Liz Wilcox 9:00
You can’t jump into someone else’s like blueprint their plan. You can’t walk in their footsteps. You’ve got to define it for yourself. Yep. Right and when we first started out it was you know, full time freedom week like it’s not a cute name and it was all about full time our being and as we grew and surveyed our audience we realized not everybody wants to go full time are being but that full time freedom having the ability to choose is I think, what’s most attractive to everyone? And so this year yeah, our theme really is our being your way. Defining freedom, learning all the different options you have, you know, you don’t have to sell your house by an 18 foot trailer and hit the road for seven years. You know, there’s so many different options out there. And we’re looking to go beyond that. You know, like kind of Instagram where the attraction and give you real world advice.

Sharee Collier 10:00
from lots of different walks of life, so that you can make the most educated decision for yourself and your family. I love that that fully aligns with where live camp work is going, you know, I’m all about how to make money and RV but I want people to enjoy the RV lifestyle I want them to live camp and work like where they want when they want how they want like it’s all about your choices and what you see

Sharee Collier 10:26
for you like it’s your journey, do it your way you don’t you don’t need to like copycat or you know this person is is jet setting or, you know, bouncing around as our viewers do. Just going to all these different places super super quick if that’s not your travel style, there’s really no need for you to do that. You could be a slow traveler. You could go House said or come out of your RV every once in a while like Camille didn’t go to Thailand. I’m sure you didn’t take the RV there.

Sharee Collier 10:53
No way that was more just about freedom, freedom to travel and do what you want. I love it.

Sharee Collier 11:00
So why do you think like people should attend this event? Like what is the big draw?

Camille Attell 11:06
There’s so many reasons I think it’s going to be different for everyone in that’s really the theme of this podcast. If there’s one thing you’re going to take away from the two things they’re going to take away from this podcast number one, come to the event. Number two, we have something for everyone style. So people should come if they want to learn about anything from how to find remote work, so they can live this lifestyle in factory You and I are having a meaty discussion about you know, what is that future like? But if you want to learn how to Boondocks and RV on the cheap, if you want to just find awesome parts, if you want to be inspired, we have such amazing inspirational stories. I’m probably just skimming the surface. Liz Polly knows way more than I do about the speakers. So Liz, what am I missing? Yeah, I was gonna say

Liz Wilcox 11:55
you should come because there’s so much information out there when we started playing

Liz Wilcox 12:00
Freedom week, it was let’s find valuable resources. Let’s find people that know what they’re talking about. And let’s put it all in one place for those people that are out there spending hours on YouTube, you know, googling the heck out of how to RB. There’s just so much information out there and as much right information is out there, there’s wrong information, there’s information, yes, you should go full time. It’s right for everyone, etc. So our point of having this big event, it’s like an online conference, a digital summit, kind of like, you know, what Sharee just did with make money in RMB is that we have done all the homework for you. Most of these speakers, you know, we’ve talked to in real life, we know they have real world experience. We know they’re vetted, things like that. And so you should come because everything you need to know to make the decision for our

Liz Wilcox 13:00
Being or to, if you’re already an RV or to continue on that path of success is all going to be in one place. It’s in a pretty neat package with a beautiful bow.

Liz Wilcox 13:13
Put on by four intelligent and gorgeous women, and you’re just going to love it. And that’s why you should attend convenience and gorgeous women and intelligence.

Sharee Collier 13:25
Okay, thank you for that, Liz. Yes, to be frank.

Sharee Collier 13:32
And totally amp yourself up, which I love. We all need that. Um, you know what I want to know.

Sharee Collier 13:38
I want to know how this idea came up. Because you said you’ve done it for three years. So take me back three years ago, and

Sharee Collier 13:46
like, why did y’all put this together? How did you put it together? How did you people who are going to be involved in putting it together? Yeah, yeah. It’s a cool story. I think, gosh, I want to say over two years ago,

Camille Attell 14:00
When I when we say third year, this is like the third season. So, like two and a half ish years ago, I saw Liz Wilcox online. I had met her at a summit. And I thought, well, there’s an interesting person. And

Camille Attell 14:15
she caught my eye. And I started following her online and I was like, wow, this chick is a trip, I need to know her. And so I reached out to her I was building a blog at that time, and anyone listening who’s trying to build a blog, you might relate, I was just I felt really confused and in over my head, and so I reached out to Liz and I was like, Hey, you want to be my accountability partner

Camille Attell 14:39
and build blocks together and we so we got that going. And then she had this idea of expanding into a mastermind and so we we reached out to some folks and we ended up with a team and that also included Lindsay Mackenzie from Collier detour and Julie chicory from Greece travels. And then later that year, Liz with her infinite vision

Camille Attell 15:00
was like, Hey guys, I want to do this summit. I had never even heard of a summit. I didn’t know what it was. And it sounded freaking scary. And I didn’t want to do it. And the rest of them were in mostly took some little convincing. But yeah, everyone just ran with it. And we got this summit together and to know what we were doing and didn’t know how to market didn’t. Exactly, but we did it. I mean, that’s the bottom line is, if there’s one thing I can share with people about this experience is just go do stuff, you know, you have an idea, go do it. Just see what happens. And that’s what we did. And it was successful for us because, you know, we accomplished something we wanted to do. It was successful for the people who attended. I’ll be a rather smallish audience that year, compared to a modest

Liz Wilcox 15:49
over 1000 attendees. It was well yeah.

Camille Attell 15:53
into it. Yes. That’s amazing. Yeah, I mean, you’re right back then we were pretty, pretty stoked about it. Still.

Liz Wilcox 16:00
But today wow, we’ve grown this thing to thousands of people. I mean, massive reach amazing partners, cool speakers. It’s just, it’s just been amazing to watch this thing grow. That’s really the origin story of this. I don’t know if I’ve missed some things, Liz, but that’s my tale. I just saw, you know, my friends we were meeting every week to kind of grow our businesses grow our blogs. And I said, wow, you know, you guys are so smart. If If I wrote a book about crappy stories, like what could you come up with and like, let’s check it out. And let’s try it out. And it was basically I just mimicked shark week you know, on the Discovery Channel like all the all day long they play sharks shark related content for week I said, let’s do that with our being and Oh, isn’t full time freedom week. Isn’t that a cute name, and I think Camille even wanted to name it something else. And I kind of agreed and luckily, the two other partners said no full time freedom week and that really stuck.

Liz Wilcox 17:01
Yeah, we’ve just grown it. Last year we grew a ton, had 10 more, had a ton more people and great speakers. It was super fun. And this year we’re just gearing up to make it even more fun for our speakers for ourselves and, most importantly, our attendees like Camille said, We do lots of giveaways. And we go live two times a day. We have some pre recorded content as well of course, because we all live in RV is going live is really, really scary when both parties work in work and live in Arby’s internet isn’t always the best. We’ve gone to pre recorded content for some of it, but it’s just it’s just a fun thing we do each year and we’re able to help so many people, and it’s so awesome to hear like months later. Hey, I attended your event. I just bought my RV like

Liz Wilcox 18:00
sighs like the freaking coolest thing ever? Mm hmm. Yeah, for sure. Um, I don’t remember what your question was. But that’s what I wanted, I guess.

Sharee Collier 18:11
Question was the background story, which you

Sharee Collier 18:14
nailed it. So thank you.

Sharee Collier 18:17
That is so funny. So I love that that’s so funny. You like mimicked Shark Week. That’s exactly what they do in Shark Week. They just keep playing all these crazy videos that my kids are like addicted to watching. And yeah, that’s kind of what a summit is. You’re just getting all this information curated for you. We’ve done all the research, work together all these experts and speakers, presenters, just everyone coming together to share their knowledge on this topic. And I love it because whereas like my website is mostly Sharee talking about a certain topic.

Sharee Collier 18:53
With the summit’s you get so many different viewpoints. It’s just amazing. I love that. That’s so

Liz Wilcox 19:00
True. That’s such a great point because the first year right before for our I’m sorry, right after we did full time freedom week, my husband and I hit the road full time he left the military, we hit the road. And anytime I was doing any sort of content for that week, I was saying, Oh my gosh, you guys, I’m so scared. Like I, you know, I’m asking these questions because I’m literally about to hit the road and I don’t know what I’m doing. Like, it was so real for me. And I was kept making the joke like, Oh, I just invited them on because I need to know like, if you watch that’s a great benefit, but if not, I need this content for myself. So I was literally the target audience for that very first one. I mean, I only knew what I knew I was a stationary RV or for about a year at that point. You know, I had friends like Camille Lindsay. Julie, sharing things with me. But we had you know, people from like escapees.

Liz Wilcox 20:00
I think less junk more journey was on that first year driving environment. All these people, you know, that had been are being for years. And it was just so awesome to be able to hear from them, whether I was interviewing them or someone else, and really get their take on all things are being it helped. It made me so much more confident. And that’s the beauty of

Liz Wilcox 20:24
digital summits like this. And another reason why you should attend is that everyone’s coming at you with experience and it’s all in one place. And just honestly from personal experience that first year, it made me feel so confident to hit the road. I felt like I knew so much more. And it was all in one place. I didn’t have to stress.

Sharee Collier 20:48
Yeah, it was amazing. I love them. We all need that, that foundation of education for the RV life and you said it a little while ago that you

Sharee Collier 21:00
package this all up with a pretty little bow on top. And you’ve done all that research. I remember when we were first are being like I was all about research like I’m just like an information junkie, I just love it. And my husband is like the total opposite. He’s not going to research it. You may watch one YouTube video if you need to know how to fix something and that is it. So you know, you can avoid so much you can avoid so many hurdles. You can so many hurdles by just getting that information upfront learning a little bit before you go out and do something and this is an excellent way to do that. I love it. Okay, so would you say this is for when we say all types of our viewers? Is this for the newbie RV? Or is this also for the experienced RV? Yes, yes. In any other audience you think of? Yes.

Camille Attell 21:50
Yeah, we we were really deliberate about it this time. In fact, this team and when I say this team that the four of us put this together, we do a lot of asking our audience

Camille Attell 22:00
what they want. And so we have a lot of questionnaires and feedback. And so we’ve listened and designed the event this year, with everyone’s asked in mind, and we have people from all walks of the RV lifestyle, like some people are still planning and maybe they’re not even going to get on the road for few years. It’s the perfect time to learn this information. We had people that had just gotten on the road and they felt like they were Whoa, way in over their head like we felt felt. And they could use just a little bit of patchwork, like fill their gaps of knowledge. And then we have very seasoned people to who are in a transition, maybe they want to downsize their RV, we’ve seen quite a bit of that where people buy an RV and they sort of regret maybe that they didn’t do enough research and now they want to different RV or maybe they’re learning how to work on the road now or work for themselves on the road instead of an employer. So there’s just so many, again, there’s people with so many different needs and we feel like we’ve curated the perfect content and

Camille Attell 23:00
match what people have actually asked us to produce? So I think that’s one of the

Liz Wilcox 23:07
Oh, hello. Just kidding. That was my husband calling. Right. Okay. Hey, welcome. We were just talking about you.

Liz Wilcox 23:19
Yeah, we’ve we’ve really curated the best content based on what people have actually asked us to produce. So we’re pretty proud of that. Yeah. And I think the great thing about a summit like this too, is you can come and you can pick up what you need, and leave the rest. Obviously, you know, not every single person that is going to watch every single video, you know, will be running videos from, you know, noon to 8pm four days in a row. So, you know, if you are a seasoned vet so to speak, you know, you’re not going to need some of the videos on like, what type of RMB should you buy? You know, if you’ve been wounded

Liz Wilcox 24:00
docking for 10 years, you probably, you know aren’t going to learn as much as a person who’s never been docked in a boon docking video. But like Camille said, you know, this is our third year doing it. We’ve we’ve surveyed people, I’m not the researcher, but we do have one of those. And so, you know, we’ve been able to ask and really curate the content for you for the RV or that.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
ET again, I’m not a singer. Oh my gosh, edit that out.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
Why are you there? Sharee let’s just make sure I am totally here.

Sharee Collier 24:56
I don’t know why Liz was singing I guess I came back in on that.

Liz Wilcox 25:00
Well, you know, you never know I’m a wild card.

Camille Attell 25:04
go rogue baby. Okay, she went row, we’re back. Back. So look, tell me about the tickets because this is, you know, typical typical summit style where people are going to get a free ticket, they’re going to get to dig into all this content for absolutely free. Correct? Yes. Okay. And then we’re going to roll in and you have some like, all access passes, maybe. Can you tell us a little bit about those? Yeah, we have, we have options for everyone. So we always make the summit free. And it’s great because you can jump on you can watch it every day. You get everything at no cost. Not only that, but you get access to all the prizes and giveaways and all the little things that we bake in that we’re not really even getting to today. And then in addition to that, because some people just want to review it on their own time.

Camille Attell 26:00
Maybe they want to, you know, get back to it in a few months. So we’ve made different passes available at different prices. So we will have a 30 day pass, an annual pass and then a lifetime pass. And then we have a really special pass, which is you can show up in person to our live event in Galveston the same week, November 5 through the eighth and you can hang out with us live while we do the event as well. So we’ve got all kinds of options for really anyone any style that they want to learn. I love that. I love that last one. I like yeah, boo. Yeah.

Sharee Collier 26:34
We just throw a live event in the mix. Yeah, right. Like we don’t have enough to

Unknown Speaker 26:40

Sharee Collier 26:41
So I love that. I love that. Yeah, I just wanted to make sure we we let everyone know that you can get all the content for free. If you are willing to dedicate some time and sit in front of your computer, eyes glued to the screen and watch every little bit of it. You can totally get it for free. I love that. I love that about a summit.

Sharee Collier 27:00
Make money in RV summit. I mean, people just sat in front of the computer, got it for free. But if you were at your own time, you want to refer back to this, you want to take some notes and things like that, then you upgrade to that to that VIP pass. And guys, I’m going to put a link in the in the show notes of this episode. And it’ll send you over and get your free ticket to get started. And then if you want to upgrade, that’s great, if not free, is for me. Remember, that’s what Liz said. Okay. So okay, tell us a little bit about the live event before we wrap this up.

Camille Attell 27:33
Oh, that’s funny, um, the live event and the reason I say that’s funny is I think that when I say live event, people probably have a vision in their minds of like a big conference and a whole bunch of fancy stuff and teleprompters and we are going back to the camping basics. We’ve got people coming in, we’re going to hang out toast marshmallows, we’re going to have a couple of nights where we just hang and tell stories. The cool thing about this live event that I think is so

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Different than anything else is it’s really giving you a behind the scenes look at what an online online summit is like. So it’s not like you’re coming to get educated, you’re coming to hang out and be a part of the event as it unfolds, which I think is super exciting. Yeah, I haven’t seen this is like a new option right here. I haven’t seen it before. Yeah, I love it. I can’t wait I can’t wait to see like how it turns out for you guys. I wish you the best in it. Um, let’s see. We’re going to wrap this episode up because I think we’ve covered so much Oh, hang on Can I sorry guys. I don’t mean to interrupt. Don’t you hate when people say that? Obviously you mean to interrupt what you’re doing.

Liz Wilcox 28:39
I did just want to share some of our speakers and kind of the topics and also share some giveaways cuz i i’ve just I’m so excited about this. We’ve got RV dreams Howard and Linda pain. I know a lot of people

Liz Wilcox 28:56
know and love them. They’ve been on the road for oh my gosh, I think like over two

Liz Wilcox 29:00
years or something, and maybe 15 I think they’re coming up on 15 years, but they’re going to be talking about dealing with changes over time, which I think is good for those of you signing up for the event that have already been are being for a few years. And then we’ve got on the opposite end you me and the RV they’re going to be talking about and they brought in like 10 other speakers for their video, they’re going to be talking about all of the adjustments you have to make just in that very first year of our being

Liz Wilcox 29:31
got topics talking about, you know, RV types, like Camille alluded to. There. She’s going to be talking about like the future of remote work and things like that.

Liz Wilcox 29:43
What else there’s one other one is looks really fun. Oh, we’re talking about budgeting life on the road with pets are being outside the US and we’re not just talking about Canada. In this video we’re going to talk about how to RV in Mexico, as well and also a separate video on Justin

Liz Wilcox 30:00
are being to Alaska how to make that bucket list come true we’ve got Do It Yourself solar, do it yourself renovation, do it yourself like a toolbox and RV maintenance. We’ve got so much awesome stuff. And then for giveaways we’re going to be giving away like escapees memberships, America the Beautiful annual pass, we’re giving away four of those one each day. We’re going to be giving away something from one guard, a pet monitor all sorts of awesome stuff. So definitely get that free ticket you have to sign up to

Liz Wilcox 30:32
be eligible for those giveaways. But again, you can do that just for free. I’m really excited. The giveaways are always the most fun part of the show. And I’ve got a really cool drumroll that you’re not going to want to miss. Whoo, awesome. Thank you.

Sharee Collier 30:48
Thank you so much for alluding to this special drumroll we don’t want to miss we have to get that free ticket. Of course we have to attend and see. That’s awesome. Okay, thanks for telling us about those speakers.

Sharee Collier 31:00
That’s an important part of the summit. It

Sharee Collier 31:04
the whole thing, the main part of the summit, we need to know that. Okay, awesome. Anything else you guys want to share about full time freedom week?

Liz Wilcox 31:14
I just want to say, Oh, sorry, Camille, I don’t want to say that. This is my favorite part of the year. I dropped everything in order to plan this. And we’ve been planning since April. So Y’all better get your tickets because it is going to be a show that you don’t want to miss. Awesome. and lose, lose. Set it off. I just wanted to thank you for having us real. Yeah. And thanks. Appreciate that. You let us come on and talk about it. And again, I want to restate This is the most fun I have ever had on a podcast. Oh, awesome. Thank you, Camille. I’ll take that compliment. Anyway. Well, guys, this was really fun. Thanks. That is going to wrap up today’s session. Thank you so much for joining us.

Sharee Collier 32:03
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