It’s happening… like right now!

My book, Live Camp Work: How to Make Money While Living in an RV and Travel Full-Time, Plus 1000+ Employers Who Hire RVers (A Beginner’s Guide to Workamping) is waiting to be republished on Amazon!

So exciting! I’m really looking forward to the new updated and extended version going live!

I told you a little about this previously, but wanted to circle back and give you a heads up that it was happening! I’ve already finished updating the files, redoing the cover and back designs and uploading new files to Amazon.

So right now, I’m just waiting for the files to go live and link together!

Once they do, you’ll notice that I’ve drastically reduced the price of the paperback to just $8.99!!!! I know- it’s crazy!

For the next 10days, I’ll be keeping the price at just $8.99 so everyone who has the old version can grab the updated edition for super cheap! And anyone who doesn’t already have a print copy, can grab one for less than $10!!!

Use this link to order before midnight on March 17th!