My Full-time Freedom Week Wrap Up

Full-time Freedom Week

What an amazing time!

I was live on the Full-time Freedom Week event, with Liz Wilcox of the Virtual Campground last night and it was really awesome!

Full-time Freedom Week is the creation of several RV Influencers who collaborated on the inaugural event in 2017. This year’s event brought together more speakers and great giveaways to an audience of over 4000 RVing enthusiasts!

The idea behind the event is to deliver content and information to anyone who is interested in becoming a full-time RVer or furthering their RV lifestyle! Instead of reading blog posts and browsing incredible social media accounts from folks who have made this incredible life their reality, the Full-time Freedom Week did a great job of bringing together 30 speakers in video format!

During the week Thanksgiving, from November 19-23 you can listen and watch all the speaker for FREE! Just make sure to sign up here!

Once you register for the event, you’ll have access for 24 hours and can buy an all-access pass to maintain access for forever and watch the presentations at your leisure!

Liz originally contacted me on a post she found on Facebook, promoting the new launch of Live Camp Work: How To Make Money & RV Full-time! We messaged and emailed back and forth and decided I would come online to do a short Q&A about Workamping since many people have a ton of questions.

I was excited to be one of the speakers and agreed to come on Tuesday @ 8pm ET. In true Sharee fashion, getting on and ready wasn’t as simple as I hoped, and I had trouble “finding the right lighting”. (That was really code for “I was trying to do the webinar outside in the dark because my kids were super loud in the camper and it wasn’t working out!” but you get it!) LOL

Eventually, it all came together when I found a nice well-lit bath house! So, I just stood there for an hour while Liz and I did a fun chit chat and answered questions from the super interactive audience! Usually, I get so nervous for these types of things, but maybe all the laughter from my location, Liz’s personal stories, and noises in the background put me at ease- because I wasn’t nervous at all! Just really enjoying all the audience interaction and the ability to answer most of the questions people had on the subject!

What questions were asked:

  • Can families Workamp and what are the special circumstances of this arrangement?
    Families are definitely able to Workamp! My family and I did it successfully for 3 years before I accepted a position at Workamper News. We always asked for opposite shifts and didn’t have to have the same days off, although it was nice if available! When you are a family trying to enter into Workamping or trying to find jobs- I shared that you should make sure the Employer knows you will be arriving with children and that you have a plan in place for childcare if needed. (As I told the live audience, “It doesn’t need to be the first thing out of your mouth in the interview… but you need to talk about it!!”). I also advised that since my family didn’t have a strong small business income to rely on, we did not accept positions unless they paid well and provided a free FHU + Amenities/Activities for our kids!
  • What types of Workamper Employers are out there?
    I think I’ve been pretty transparent about the vast amount of Workamping Employers that are out there! The options are really endless… You can view employer options here and also in the list of about 1000 Workamping Employers I included in my book, Live Camp Work!
  • What are the typical pay arrangements for Workamping jobs?
    Typical pay arrangements can vary just as much as the employers! Ranging from strictly volunteer gigs and work for site opportunities all the way to employers who offer career-like benefits with 401Ks and pay for all hours with a FREE FHU! There is really something for everyone! So regardless of what you are looking for, I’m confident everyone and anyone can find something they feel comfortable within the world of Workamping!
  • How do you find the jobs?
    This one is always easy for me… Workamper News! I found almost all my jobs through Workamper News using a simple method I shared online: I saved a copy of both our resumes on my phone, then waited for the Workamper News Daily hotline email to come in at 4pm. Once I had the new hotline with that day’s new ad information, I would read through the ads and send our resumes in an email (with the same text that I had also saved on my phone) to any of the ones I felt we might have an interest in! It was that easy! Instead of waiting, I applied as soon as the ads were posted! Doing this allowed us to be one of the very first people to apply, which ultimately gave us a leg up on our competition. Our resumes were on the top of the list, in the employer’s email box before they were overwhelmed with emails and gave us a higher probability of being open and read!
  • How does it work with your site being included on your tax forms?
    What a hard question! I’m not a lawyer or tax expert so I really hate to speak on these things. I also have never had this issue- so it’s hard to give definite answers… with that said, I’ve been told that if Employers require you to live on site and check that little box on their tax forms- you won’t see the value of the FREE campsite on your W-2 forms at the end of the year!
  • What are my tips for Workampers?
    My first tip is to go small, Workamp & go now! Workamping can be everyone’s ticket to RV Freedom, but you need to know the basics and who is hiring. That’s it!
    Secondly, you need to provide details of your past experience (non-Workamping related on your resume! If you have incredible event planning skills or you were a master electrician for 40 years- the employer needs and wants to know these things! In fact, you might be the perfect fit for the skill-set they are looking for and by adding these details just promoted yourself, unknowingly, to the top of the applicant list!
    Third, make sure you know what you will and won’t do! For some people this is working on the phones, for others, it’s working outside. For my husband and I – we wanted to capture as many new experiences as possible and chose to keep our options open. Our main goal was to have adventures and travel, so we were open to a variety of jobs that would allow us to do so and still earn money along the way!

Okay, well that’s pretty much a complete wrap up of my time on the Full-time Freedom Week Live Campfire event! If you missed it, make sure you head over to this link to get your FREE pass for the rest of the week or purchase their all-access pass for lifetime access to the event content where you can watch whenever you want.



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