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5 STAR Reviews From Happy Buyers

There's a ton of information about workamping on the internet today, but few resources provide such detailed tips about how to get started the right way and what to expect once you're employed. Don't waste your time spinning your wheels trying to figure it out on your own, this book is a direct path toward making your workamping goals a reality.

Rene Agredano

My husband and I are looking into the work kamping lifestyle and had no idea where to start or if this was even a possibility or just a dream. This has so many helpful tips about the lifestyle, jobs, pay and reality of work kamping. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to get away from the stressful day to day lifestyle and try something new and exciting. My husband and I now know what to expect and how start traveling for a living! Thank you Sharee for putting together such an informative book!

Monica Thompson Amazon Customer

This book is packed with great information and links to prospective job leads.
I read it in one day and was very impressed. We have been fulltimers for 3 years now and we have never had a problem establishing a workamping position.
She covers tons of great items and the booked is packed with fantastic helpful information. I especially liked the info on how to use and bid with Corps of Engs. as we have always worked in private campgrounds.
I would say this book needs to be a regular in any RVers library if you are considering workamping. Well written and very informative!

Susan Anderson Amazon Customer

Great inspiration and info! Sharee puts together a very informative book that covers a wide range of questions. Thanks again.

Howard Elijah Amazon Customer

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