Live Camp Work Podcast LCW 3.08 Workamper Resumes & Resume Tool

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Workamper Resumes & Resume Tool

In this episode I’m talking about resumes for Workampers and what they need to have and achieve to get you the job you’re applying for!

With a sea of probably 100K RVers trying to grab the same jobs, kits really going to be essential to make a great first impression and knock it out the park with your resume and interview!. Making sure your resume has the right information, the right format and the right pictures along with a great cover letter will take some time to get polished, but it makes a huge difference in who will ultimately get the job and who will not. So in this episode I wanna talk about Resumes for RVers looking for Workamping jobs in particular.

Come along for the adventure as I navigate through the world of Workamping & Working on the road from your RV with real information, tips & trick and stories from the road! You can download the episode or just click and listen online!

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