LCW 1.05: Websites for Workamping Jobs

Season 1 Episode 5 of the Live.Camp.Work. Podcast!

Websites for Workamping Jobs
The Best & Then All The Rest

In this episode I’m going to be talking about websites where you can find Workamping jobs. I have to go over the ins and outs of the best website, Workamper News– I’ll give you details on why I consider it the #1 Resource. And since it’s not the only place to find jobs for RVers- I’ll list a few more and include a list below of links.

Come along for the adventure as I navigate through the world of Workamping with real information, tips & trick, stories from the road, and interviews from Workampers and Employers! You can download the episode or just click and listen online!

Some additional sites for finding Workamping jobs are:

You can also check out larger job board sites and search for keywords like ‘campground’ and ‘park host’

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Episode Transcript

Let’s get started with Episode 5:  Workamping Myths & Mistakes

That’s a funny title- but its so true. I mean when you start the conversation of Workamping- you won’t get very far before you either hear about or start talking about Workamper News. So of course I have to start there… and for good reason!

Workamper News is the #1 Resource for Workamping. They created the term and have championed its development for over 30+ years as the community has grown from humble beginnings to one of the most popular alternative lifestyles in the U.S. The main website workamper.comis home to an entire arsenal of resources for the active and soon-to-be active Workamper! This toolbox of jobs, media resources, and more has been known to be slightly overwhelming for those who are not comfortable navigating it.

Start at the Beginning

Starting from the beginning, which means creating either a free or paid account is your very first step. As a member of Workamper News, you are given behind the scenes access to the tools and information you seek. With this access, you can explore and research the lifestyle you are considering from the comfort of one complete and all-inclusive resource.

Without ever having to leave your account, you can read articles written by Workampers about topics ranging from tips on interviewing with employers and what a campsite is worth or how to know if you’re being a pest or just persistent, along with information about campground reservation software. You can also browse the Media Library which includes years, possibly even decades of material all relating to RVing. Some videos will walk you through complicated topics of RV maintenance and electrical issues, while others will provide you the basis for further exploration on topics pertaining to RV insurance, reservation software, live events, Workamping employer programs, and even Workamper training.

The Best Tools

Since there is so much to see and do on workamper.com, you may be wondering which are the best tools and resources that make purchasing the paid membership worthwhile. For those inquisitive folks, I direct your attention to the Awesome Applicants Resume Builder, The Real-Time Daily Hotline System, and the Workamper Experiences Database! These Top 3 Resources are what helps lead thousands of Workampers to find the perfect positions season after season and year after year!

Awesome Applicants Resume Builder

Many Workampers are often confused as to what information they should be providing to employers on their personal resumes. They are not sure if past experience in lifelong careers are considered valuable for positions that they are overqualified for. The answer is yes!

The resume builder provided as part of your paid membership will walk you through the minute details of telling your best story! It takes you by the hand and prompts you to fill out an extensive questionnaire form, that then generates a professional resume for employers to view and search through the system.

Providing additional information not typically found on traditional resumes like the geographical locations you desire to work in, when you are available, and even a place to add photos of yourself and your rig- make the Awesome Applicant Resume one of the most highly used and utilized recruiting strategies of Workamping employers who want to hire great people.

Sure, you could type up your old resume or just update a copy of your current one, but sometimes it’s easiest to just use the systems that have been put in place to make it simple to get a successful final result. There is really no need to reinvent the wheel! And if you are in doubt, use both and extend your reach to employers.

The Real-Time Daily Hotline System

The Hotline system is the most sought-after tool of the Workamper membership, and for good reason! The Hotline Jobs System is made up of two parts: The Daily Email and the Hotline Jobs Page.

The Daily Email is sent out at 4 pm CST Monday-Friday and provides a detailed listing of all the jobs submitted for that day! Yes. You read that right… jobs submitted that day! That’s huge! You are getting fresh jobs each and every day from employers who have a current need. They are actively seeking Workampers who are looking for jobs in great places and want to work!

The Hotline Jobs Page is a complete listing of all the jobs from the past 14 days. As jobs are sent out in the Hotline Email, they are then posted here for you to search and refer back to for the next 2 weeks, while they are considered active. The page allows for searching by keyword, published date, and location. You can also sort by date to see the newest jobs first.

While you may think you can find jobs on many FREE sites, you won’t find many of these employers there! These employers have found the value in marketing their opportunities through Workamper News for the high quality of people they are able to find and hire repeatedly! You know the old saying “You get what you pay for!”

Workamper Experiences Database

If you are someone who thrives on understanding through reading reviews and experiences had by people who’ve been there and done that, then this is the tool for you.

Workamper Experiences, which was originally the Workamper Forums, hosts over a decade of information from fellow Workampers who want to help spread the word of both good and bad experiences. This is not social media. It’s also not an employer bashing party. People are sharing real stories and real opinions that are aimed at helping fellow Workampers experience something great and wonderful or avoid something they felt was not well suited.

As a paid member of Workamper.com, you will have access to the complete Workamper Experiences Database where you can not only add employers and your personal feedback, but you can search and research future employers based on the feedback provided by your peers.

Always More to Come

This website is ever growing and always evolving to meet the needs and expectations of both Workampers and employers in the Workamping community. As the site continues to hold its place as the #1 Resource, where providing “Great Jobs For Great People In Great Places” is their motto, you can expect to have more in store as it gets bigger and better each and every year.

Now with all that said… the big question remains

Is Workamper news the only place to find Workamping Jobs?

And as you probably already suspected- the answer is no. Workamper News is the biggest and th emost complete resource for Workamping jobs, but other do exists.

You can find job posting all over the web and while it’s easy to just pull up a free job site and start applying, I want to caution you against believing everything you see advertised. Ads are not always verified for legitimacy, so just keep some level of skepticism.  If an offer seems too good to be true… it probably is.

Some additional sites for finding Workamping jobs are:

Since you probably want these links for future reference, I’ll make sure to include them in the show notes for this episode!

That’s gonna all for today on the  Live Camp Work Podcast. This was Episode 5 of Season 1 and I hope you’ve enjoyed the information so far! If you have any questions always feel free to send me an email directly to sharee@livecampwork.com or join in the conversation in the live camp work group on Facebook!


And until next time-

Safe Travels & Many Adventures!




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