The Ultimate Guide to Good Sam

The Ultimate Guide to Good Sam: Membership, Products & Services for All RV Enthusiasts

If you’re an RVer, chances are you’ve heard of Good Sam. Many of you may recognize the old-school angel logo to indicate that there’s a Good Sam campground nearby, but today, the Good Sam brand consists of tons of products to make an RVers’ life easier—from RV insurance to Roadside Assistance and more. For this piece, we’re going to focus on three of their most popular products: Good Sam Membership, Good Sam Roadside Assistance, and Good Sam TravelAssist.

Good Sam Membership

This is the most common offering that customers think of when they hear “Good Sam.” The Good Sam membership has many benefits for RVers and non-RVers alike, and can save you tons of money throughout the year. The best part is that a yearlong membership is only $29, but by using the membership, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the course of the year. What are some of the benefits of becoming a Good Sam Member?

Exclusive Perks at Camping World Stores &

The perks of getting a Good Sam membership really shine when shopping at Camping World. Not only do Good Sam members receive discounts every day at Camping World stores and on, but Camping World also offers Good Sam Member Specials each month, which provide members with significant savings on a variety of their most popular items. Plus, members receive free shipping on orders of $69 or more on 

One of the most popular perks at Camping World stores go beyond just discounts on products. Good Sam members also have peace of mind knowing that they can access RV & Boat Dump stations at Camping World retail locations that offer dump service for FREE. Additionally, members get 15% off propane, up to 40 gallons per purchase, at Camping World retail locations.

Discounts on Good Sam Campground Stays

The views of Pechanga RV Resort, a Good Sam Campground in Temecula, CA

Whether you’re a full time RVer or a weekend warrior, campground reservations can add up. With a Good Sam membership, you get 10% off the nightly rate at over 2,000 Good Sam campgrounds around the United States and Canada, which can save you tons of money over the course of a year.

Fuel Discounts at Pilot + Flying J Gas Stations

With fuel prices at an all time high recently, any extra savings can add up quick. One of our favorite Good Sam membership perks is getting five cents off per gallon of gasoline and eight cents off per gallon of diesel at Pilot & Flying J locations around the country. Plus, now through October 31, 2022 in celebration of Member Appreciation Month, Good Sam members can save 10 cents per gallon on gasoline by using the MyRewards App! So if you’ve been thinking about signing up for a Good Sam membership, now is the time!

Discounts on Autio Memberships

Have you ever been driving somewhere on a road trip and wondered what the story is behind the area? With Autio, you can do just that! Their iOS app offers over 9,000 location-based stories narrated by your favorite voices, like Kevin Costner and Phil Jackson. The annual membership is normally $35.99, but Good Sam members can subscribe for only $19.99. Learn more about the Good Sam Autio discount.

VIP Assistance with Roadside Assistance & TravelAssist

Good Sam members who are also Good Sam Roadside Assistance or Good Sam TravelAssist members now enjoy VIP Assistance! When in need of assistance, Good Sam member calls are moved to the front of the line, meaning less time waiting for the help you need.

…and these are just some of the many perks of being a Good Sam Member!

Become a Good Sam Member Today!

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Good Sam Member?

Good Sam Memberships are available in one year, two year, and three year increments. A one year Good Sam membership costs $29, a two year Good Sam membership costs $55, and the three year elite Good Sam membership costs $79—which gives you the most bang for your buck!  Plus, now through August 28, 2022, Good Sam is celebrating Member Appreciation Month by giving you Camping World merchandise certificates when you purchase a Good Sam membership (limited time offer):

  • Purchase a one-year Good Sam Membership, receive a FREE $10 Camping World Merchandise Certificate
  • Purchase a two-year Good Sam Membership, receive a FREE $15 Camping World Merchandise Certificate
  • Purchase a one-year Good Sam Membership, receive a FREE $30 Camping World Merchandise Certificate

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Good Sam membership, now is definitely the time to do it!

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

There’s nothing worse than starting a road trip only to find yourself stuck on the side of the road after a breakdown with no one to call. That’s where Good Sam Roadside Assistance comes in. Whether you have a motorhome, a trailer, or just a regular car, there’s a Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan to meet your needs and have you covered in the event of a breakdown. So what does Good Sam Roadside Assistance entail? Let’s get into it!

Good Sam Roadside Assistance is a membership-based service that keeps RVs and household vehicles protected in the case of roadside breakdowns. When you are stopped on the side of the road in need of some assistance, you’ll call your dedicated toll-free number found on the back of your Good Sam Roadside Assistance card to speak with an RV-Certified dispatch representative and give them the necessary information to help determine the next steps. From there, they will work with our authorized service providers in the area to assess the issue and send the appropriate person to either fix the issue on the spot or tow your RV or vehicle to a shop for service. 

There are three main membership levels for RV Owners—Standard (starting at $64.95 per year), Platinum (starting at $79.95 per year), and Platinum Complete (starting at $119.95 per year), which each offer additional benefits, with Platinum Complete offering the most benefits. This coverage applies to your RV and household vehicles.

If you do not have an RV, you can still get our trusted Roadside Assistance with our Auto Plans! For household vehicles, Good Sam offers a Platinum Auto plan (starting at $49.95 per year), a Platinum+ Auto plan (starting at $54.95 per year), and a Platinum Complete Auto Plan (starting at $89.95 per year).

Good Sam Roadside Assistance offers coverage for a variety of situations, and all plans include the following benefits:

  • Towing Service: Good Sam Roadside Assistance pays 100% of the towing fees for the delivery of the member’s vehicle to the nearest professional service center capable and willing to make a repair. 
  • Tire Repair Service: In the event of a flat tire when traveling, a service technician will replace a flat tire with an inflated spare, or tow the vehicle to the nearest professional service center. 
  • Battery Service: If a member’s vehicle battery dies, a service technician will attempt to jump- start the vehicle. When appropriate, if a replacement battery is required, a GS Roadside tech will attempt to locate and install a new battery. 
  • Mechanic Service: When necessary, there may be a local mobile mechanic available that can perform minor repairs or adjustments to the member’s RV. In these situations, GS Roadside will attempt to bring a  mobile mechanic to the member’s location as an alternative to towing the vehicle. 
  • Emergency Fuel and Fluid Service: If the Member’s vehicle runs out of fuel, a limited supply of fuel will be delivered to enable the member to reach the nearest fueling station (up to 5 gallons). Other essential fluids will also be made available, including anti-freeze, transmission fluid, differential and transfer case lubricant.
  • Trip Interruption Assistance: GS Roadside members are eligible for reimbursement for the cost of meals, lodging and car rental if their vehicle is disabled due to a collision with another vehicle more than 100 miles from home. This includes a reimbursement for all eligible expenses, up to $150 a day for up to eight consecutive days (up to $1,200 total). 

There are plenty of other benefits for Platinum and Platinum Complete members, including locksmith services, animal transportation assistance, and more. Learn more about the other benefits here

Additionally, unlike other roadside assistance providers, Good Sam Roadside Assistance covers members as well as their spouse/domestic partner and dependent children, free of charge—so you can have peace of mind that your family is covered on the road.

Ready to hit the road with Good Sam Roadside Assistance? New members get 50% off their plan purchase! 

Good Sam TravelAssist

While Good Sam Roadside Assistance offers coverage for RV and vehicle emergencies, Good Sam TravelAssist is here to save the day if you were to experience a medical emergency while traveling. Their coverage helps alleviate the stress and reduce any out-of-pocket costs associated with certain medical emergencies. The best part about Good Sam TravelAssist? The coverage is international, meaning you can get the same assistance whether you’re 500 miles away from your home on a road trip or 5,000 miles away on an international vacation.

There are several different Good Sam TravelAssist packages available to travelers, including an Individual plan (starting at $45 per year), a Couples plan (starting at $50 per year), a Family plan (starting at $55 per year), and the Premier Family & Pets package (starting at $90 per year). 

While there are additional benefits to the Premier Family & Pets plan, which we’ll go into later,  here are all of the things every TravelAssist plan will cover when you’re traveling:

  • Medical evacuation: If the member becomes injured or ill while traveling outside their daily routine and is taken to a hospital or medical facility that is incapable of providing appropriate treatment. TravelAssist will arrange and pay for a medical evacuation to a hospital that can provide appropriate medical treatment; It does not coordinate/cover the initial ride from the scene or injury or illness
  • Transportation to home area after stabilization: Once you are cleared to return home by a doctor, TravelAssist will arrange and pay for a one-way economy ticket to return to your home or a nearby hospital.
  • Return of deceased remains: In the event of the member’s death while traveling, TravelAssist will coordinate and pay for the return of your deceased remains to your permanent primary residence, pay for one-way economy airfare for the traveling companion, and pay for preparation of the body (including cremation or embalming).
  • Return of traveling companion: If the member requires emergency evacuation, transportation after stabilization, or has passed away, TravelAssist will cover the cost of a one-way economy ticket for one traveling companion to return to the member’s or their primary residence.
  • Return of dependent children: For dependent children and grandchildren who are under the age of 19 traveling with the member, who becomes ill or injured and is unable to care for them, TravelAssist will coordinate and pay for one-way economy airfare to send them back to the member’s or their primary residence, in addition to paying for a qualified escort, if required.
  • Transportation to join a hospitalized member: If the member is alone and traveling away from home is hospitalized for seven days or more, TravelAssist will coordinate and pay for economy round-trip airfare for a person of the member’s choice to join them. (Note: the 7-day hospitalization requirement can be determined by doctors ahead of time)
  • RV/Vehicle return: If the member is unable to drive their RV/Vehicle due to a qualifying TravelAssist situation, and nobody else in their traveling party is willing or able to drive it, TravelAssist will either pay for a professional driver to drive their RV/vehicle home or pay for transportation for a friend/family member who can drive the RV/vehicle home as well as reimbursing for gas and tolls and providing a per diem for food and lodging.
  • Coordination Assistance – In addition to the above listed paid benefits, TravelAssist will help arrange the use of certain services by the member, at their own cost, such as helping with lost travel documents, finding pet lodging, etc.

Photo provided by Good Sam, courtesy of Tiffany Remington

In addition to all of the above mentioned benefits, Good Sam TravelAssist Premier Family & Pets members have access to additional benefits, such as:

  • Emergency Pet Housing and/or Pet Return:  If the member is expected to be hospitalized for three or more days and is traveling with pet(s) that would be left unattended as a result of the member’s injury/illness, TA will arrange and pay for the pet to be boarded or flown home. 
  • Transportation Home Upgrade: Once cleared by a doctor to return home and if you need a higher level of care, TA will arrange and pay for a seat upgrade and/or a non-medical escort or nurse escort if needed.
  • Evacuation from Home Hospital: Even if you are in your home area, if your doctor & a TA physician decide that you need to be moved to a more capable hospital, TA will arrange and pay for a medically supervised evacuation to a hospital that can treat the condition.
  • Transportation due to a natural disaster: TA will evacuate the member and one companion to either one’s permanent residence if a natural disaster occurs in the travel location OR if the member needs to return home upon learning that their home has been destroyed in a natural disaster.
  • Transportation to join a hospitalized family member: If a family member will be hospitalized for at least three days or if the family member passes away, TA will transport the member and traveling companion with one-way economy tickets to visit their hospitalized family member.
  • Additionally, all minimum hospital stay requirements are reduced from 7 days to 3 days. 

Purchasing a Good Sam TravelAssist package is a great way to have peace of mind while traveling, and there’s no time like the present to get you and your family covered. Right now, plans are 50% off for new members!

In conclusion, these three Good Sam offerings make it easy for travelers and RVers to save money and feel protected while on the road. For more information on all of Good Sam’s offerings, visit

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