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Many looking to join the world of RVing turn to RV membership clubs in order to navigate the sometimes confusing aspects of the RV lifestyle. This is a fantastic way to go, and there are many awesome RV clubs to choose from. One of the best options for families with kids is the Fulltime Families RV membership club

If you’ve been considering joining an RV club and plan to hit the road full-time with kids in tow, Fulltime Families is definitely a good choice. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn about the benefits of joining this community of nomadic families!

What is Fulltime Families?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s take just a moment to give you a brief overview of what exactly Fulltime Families is. 

Essentially, this is a membership club for families with kids who plan to RV full-time or have already hit the road. The goal of the company is to provide parents and their children with a solid community even as they hop from one place to another. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, and finding that village when you’re on the move can be pretty challenging. 

Members of Fulltime Families range from those who have been on the road for 12 or more years to those who are still in the dreaming and planning stages of their RV journey. There are even a few families who have chosen to settle down after living the traveling life but remain active in the Fulltime Families community.

Large families, small families, and even grandparents traveling with their grandchildren have found close friends in the Fulltime Families organization, and new members are always welcomed with open arms. 

A Brief History of Fulltime Families

Fulltime Families began back in 2010. The founders of the organization, Kimberly and Chris Travaglino, had recently hit the road with their kids. The family had met a few other nomadic families during their travels, and Kimberly saw a need for community between these families. 

With a goal to connect the growing population of traveling families in the United States, Chris and Kimberly created a website and e-magazine providing helpful information to families on the road. Shortly after, the couple hosted the first ever Fulltime Families rally and a true community was born!

Since then, the Fulltime Families organization has been passed on to new ownership and has grown to include more members and membership benefits than ever before.

The Benefits of a Fulltime Families Membership

Speaking of membership benefits, we should discuss what members get out of joining the Fulltime Families membership club. Obviously, the running theme so far is community, and most of the organization’s offerings revolve around creating and maintaining a tight-knit community that truly cares for one another. 

This is what you can expect to get when you join Fulltime Families and make yourself a part of this village of travelers. 

Fulltime Families Rallies and Events

Events might just be the most important aspect of the Fulltime Families organization. The club hosts multiple rallies, hangouts, field trips, and parties every year, ensuring every member gets an opportunity to participate if they wish to. 

Fulltime Families Rallies

Fulltime Families rallies are the biggest events the company hosts. These are week-long meet ups that include 30-80 or more families. The organization tends to host several of these each year. 

Happenings at Fulltime Families rallies vary based on location and theme, but always include shared meals, “rally cash” that is collected through the week (for various kinds of participation) and used to enter drawings at the end of the event, a kids’ marketplace during which kids can sell their wares, and “Mom’s Night Out” and “Dad’s Night Out” events so parents can connect with other parents in a kid-free environment. 

Fulltime Families Hangouts

Hangouts are more laid-back than rallies. They last only a few days and the events tend to be much less structured, meaning attendees must take the initiative and plan some of their own fun. Additionally, hangouts don’t usually have as many families in attendance. 

These events are an excellent way to make friends on the road, and might be the perfect option if you can’t make it to a rally, prefer a less expensive option, or just prefer a low-key experience. 

Fulltime Families Field Trips

Field trips sometimes happen in conjunction with a rally or hangout, and sometimes happen as standalone events in areas where a number of members tend to be gathered. A good example of a standalone field trip that happens annually is the Florida LEGOLAND field trip. 

Fulltime Families Parties

Parties are another kind of event that can sometimes come up in an area where a number of families are gathered. These tend to be holiday-related events. Most are in Florida, Texas, and Southern California during the winter, as there will almost always be families in these places during the cold months. 

Fulltime Families Member Generated Events

In addition to events hosted by the Fulltime Families organization, there are some meetups and other events that are planned and hosted by individual members. These might include campfires, park days, field trips, and parties. 

Members-Only Social Media Groups

Of course, as a traveler, you can’t be with all of your Fulltime Families friends all the time. This is where the many Fulltime Families members-only social media groups come into play. 

Fulltime Families runs large members-only groups on both Facebook and Discord for general questions. That said, these are far from the only social media groups the organization plays host to.

Members also have access to “branch” social media groups that each focus on a specific topic or interest (such as boondocking, natural living, photography, RV vlogging, etc). Location-specific branches also exist for those looking to connect with other nomads in the area they are spending time in.

Having these branches is incredibly helpful when it comes to finding like-minded individuals to connect with!

Fulltime Families Clubs and Events for Kids

One thing that makes Fulltime Families stand apart from other RV clubs is the fact that the organization is specifically focused on families with kids. Therefore, it only makes sense that they would provide some ways for kids to connect online as well as offline. Luckily, this club has just that!

Fulltime Families Explorers

Fulltime Families Explorers is a scouting group for kids ages 5–10. Members are given a new open-ended topic each month and must complete a project based on that topic. Photos, videos, or descriptions of the projects are posted to the Explorers Facebook group where participants can see the work of their friends and offer words of encouragement.

At the end of the month, those who completed the month’s project are rewarded with a certificate and link to purchase a pin if they so choose. 

The Explorers group also hosts events at rallies!

Fulltime Families Dedicated Minecraft Server

Minecraft fanatics will love to learn that the Fulltime Families organization also has their very own Minecraft server. This means that kids can hop on the server together and spend time building, working, and playing as a group, even when they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. 

Fulltime Families Book Club

Another way for Fulltime Families kids to connect is through the organization’s book club meetings. These involve reading a book on your own time and then hopping on a video chat to discuss the book with other book-lovers. It’s a great way for kids to make new friends and stay connected to friends they’ve already made. 

Fulltime Families Monthly Newsletter

That Fulltime Families magazine that started it all? It’s still in existence!

Yes, it has morphed over time, but all Fulltime Families members still receive a monthly newsletter that includes important information about the organization and upcoming events. These newsletters also include tips and tricks for living on the road—something many new RVers find very helpful as they get their road legs under them. 

Fulltime Families Discounts on Products and Services for RVers

Yes, the main focus of Fulltime Families is community, and they have a lot of offerings to support their number one goal of connecting nomadic families. That said, they also provide their members with some pretty awesome discounts that can be helpful as they live life on the road. 

Some of the discounts offered include:

Camping Discount Clubs: Members of Fulltime Families receive decent discounts on Good Sam Club, Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, Thousand Trails, and Escapees. These are all memberships worth having for various reasons, and being able to get discounts on all of them by buying one membership at full price is pretty fantastic!

RV Rentals: Want to try a different kind of rig? Looking to rent an RV for a family member to use as they travel alongside you? You can get a discount through Outdoorsy or RVshare by showing your Fulltime Families membership. 

Products: Fulltime Families members receive discounts on a variety of RV-related products. Connected RV offers a discount on Battleborn Batteries and WeBoost kits, and Nomadic Souls gives FtF members a discount on their t-shirts, books, and other gear. Venture Wipes are discounted by 10% for members of Fulltime Families, and Mobile Must Have offers members a discount as well. 

Health Services: Getting good healthcare while traveling can be challenging. Fulltime Families makes it a little easier by offering members discounts on health insurance, occupational therapy through a certain provider, chiropractic adjustments through a certain provider, and more. 

Roadschooling Services: Another challenge of living on the road? Educating your children. Fulltime Families helps out there as well by offering discounts on online classes like Practice Monkeys, as well as discounted subscriptions to the Raz-Kids reading program. 

…And More!

These are far from the only discounts offered to Fulltime Families members. Not only that, the list is growing all the time!

Fulltime Families

As you can see, Fulltime Families has a lot to offer any RVing family. If you are planning on RVing full-time with your kids, we 100% recommend investing in this membership. Doing so is sure to enhance your experience and make full-time travel a more sustainable option for your family. 

In order to get the most out of your membership, be sure to join the members-only social media groups and attend an event as soon as possible. From there, friendships are sure to blossom and grow as you become a part of the close-knit community that is Fulltime Families.

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