Covid-19 For RVers

A pandemic is unfolding before us. And while all Americans are being asked to stay put, social distance, and follow guidelines set out for us by the CDC, thousands of RVers are left in turmoil as they scramble to find open campgrounds allowing new reservations to check-in.

These are tough times for everyone, but we want you to know we’re all here to help! If we can successfully pass along some information that will help a member of our community find a place to sleep for the night, the week or the month, then a good job’s been done.

RVers are in a great position to self-quarantine. We literally travel inside our homes and most have no need to use the onsite facilities.

Just remember…

We’ll get through this pandemic one day at a time!

But for now, can we agree to the following.

  • Can we agree to stock our pantries, grab some extra 2-ply and take the CDCs advice on social distancing? 
  • Can we agree that maybe RVers, especially full-time RVers should grab a monthly spot at a campground in their area that’s still open and ride this out? 
  • Can we agree to not invite our campground friends over for a campfire or pot luck?
  • Can we also agree to not ignite negativity on social media by name calling and playing politics?
  • Lastly, but maybe most importantly- Can we just agree to wash our hands more often and keep our fingers away from our faces?

Covid-19 for RVers:

What about workamping?

It would be wonderful to get back to business and life as usual quick, fast and in a hurry- but to be honest that might be wishful thinking. This ‘new normal’ might be with us for the next month or two.

Those who have booked workamping jobs for the summer are wondering if they should head that way or find a ‘Plan B’. While we won’t pretend to know all the answers, a safe bet would be to stay put for now, or if you’re already in route get there and be safe.

Things are changing on a daily, sometimes hourly basis and the less people out and moving about the better! Contact your future employer and make sure everything is set for your arrival. This is not the time to just wing it or pop up and hope everything works it’s easy out.

Have a plan. This too shall pass.

We just have to stay informed, stay positive, keep our distance and keep looking forward to the days in the distance when we can hopefully look back on these days while sitting together around a warm campfire. 

What’s happening where you are? Are you working right now or were you traveling? Are you stuck someplace you didn’t quite want to be? Did you rush the grocery store for toilet paper and Lysol wipes?