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CoSchedule As My Blog Command Center

CoSchedule As My Blog Command Center

This year is my year to be super organized and really maximize my time spent in front of the computer. No more procrastination and spending the first 30 minutes trying to figure out what I should be doing- this year I’d like to focus on focusing… so I’ve started using CoSchedule!

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For this post I want to just give a bit of a detailed overview of the new program I’ll be using in 2019 to schedule and curate my content. I’ve been playing around with content schedulers for the last few months, and finally think I’ve found the one to keep me on schedule and on task in the new year!

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a super cool content organizer and scheduling tool that links to the backend of my website! It shows my upcoming blogs, social media posts, emails and tasks all in one well laid out calendar that I can easily drag and drop to make changes to.

How Does CoSchedule Work?

For all by blogging friends reading this, you’ll love this magical tool because as I already mentioned it connects right to WordPress! And while you can definitely use it on another blog platform- the free plugin that allows for you to write your posts inside CoSchedule or WordPress and see them in both places makes all the difference for me!

Running a blog takes a lot of moving pieces and juggling them all effectively and efficiently is large undertaking! Mix that with travel and your spending a lot of time planning and prepping instead of enjoying what you’re working so hard to create!

I see CoSchedule as a blog command center. A central hub for all things blog related- where I can easily schedule and curate my content. It’s pretty cool for soloprenuers like myself who are just starting to dabble in running a small business and do 99.9% of things themselves!

From this one location, I can write and schedule my blog post, have them post to one or all of my social media accounts, and even share it a few times as a discussion starter in groups to make sure people are getting the great content, I’m working so hard to produce!

My one wish is that it worked with Convertkit- which is the service I use to send out all my freebies & emails. That would be amazing- so fingers crossed that this integration is in the works.

Here are some CoSchedule pros:

  • Central command center for blogs & social media content to stay well organized and on top of content creation.
  • Headline optimizer gives you a better idea on it you’re writing engaging titles for you content.
  • Great tagging and color options to keep multiple sites, content and emails organized on one calendar.
  • Templates allow for easily scheduling content types to post on specific networks at specific times.

Lastly, I’ll let you know the only 2 cons for using CoSchedule:

  • Price is really steep!
  • No Convertkit integration.

Other than these two things, CoSchedule would be my recommendation for those, like myself, who are having a harder time keeping track of all the different bits and pieces.

Stay tuned for my thoughts after the first year!

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