Camp Hosting: State Parks

State Parks are a great place to stop and camp for a night or two. These beautiful plots of land are sectioned off and maintained to preserve the natural environment and make a perfect place to camp, explore, and recreate. Volunteer campground hosts are a big part of what makes our state park campgrounds and day-use areas what they are today. Clean, fun, safe, and well-maintained, campground hosts are the bread and butter of any State Park campground.

They also make great workamping positions for those looking for a way to travel on a budget. Often responsible for greeting guests, maintaining sites and facilities, and overall campground safety, being a campground host is a fun and easy way to workamp. Here is a list of just a few of the camp hosting opportunities available at State Parks across the country.  

Camp Hosting: How to Become a Campground Host

First, it’s a great idea to read up on what a campground host is and how to become one. Camp Hosting is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy full-time RV living! It’s a win-win opportunity for everyone included and the main focus is making sure campers have an enjoyable experience.

Camp Hosting in Colorado State Parks

Per year, the Colorado State Park system engages 4000-6000 volunteers. This is an outstanding number and shows that this is a program to be a part of. There are tons of volunteer positions, but the most popular is the campground host position.

This is a volunteer-only position, but you will be rewarded with a free campsite during your volunteer post. You will also receive a free State Parks pass, a uniform, and the ability to train and be a part of this awesome program.

Camp Hosting: State Parks

Camp Hosting in New Mexico

Campground hosting is the opportunity to work while you camp! Often offered as a volunteer position, your responsibilities are greeting guests and taking care of the park grounds. In return, you get to camp in some of the most beautiful parks around.

The hosts and all other volunteer positions help to provide a top-tier experience for visitors through recreational activities. Campground hosting in New Mexico is no different and is vital to experiencing everything the New Mexico State Parks have to offer!

Camp Hosting in Wyoming State Parks

Wyoming Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources has a division called Wyoming’s State Parks, Historic Sites, & Trails (SPHST) which is a huge educational experience in the state. It includes eleven state parks, twenty-five historic sites, two archeological sites, a museum, and one recreational area. SPHST has tons of types of volunteers, including the state’s camp hosts.

Camp Hosting: State Parks

Camp Hosting in Missouri State Parks

Campground hosts in the state of Missouri are “live-in” ambassadors. You are expected to be the camp forefront who is an on-site example and information source. Campground hosts in these parks are asked to work a minimum of 30 days while volunteering and are expected to work up to 40 hours per week, holidays and weekends needed.

Camp Hosting in Florida State Parks

The Florida State Park System has been awarded 4 Gold Medals in Excellence by the National Recreation and Parks Association. They believe this was a result of their interlacing network of park staff, volunteers, and partners. There is a lot of pride in the way their system runs and volunteers, campground hosts included, are a vital asset to it.

Camp Hosting: State Parks

Camp Hosting in Utah State Parks

There are many different volunteer positions in Utah state parks – including maintenance workers, naturalists, visitor center workers, trail stewards, fee collectors, general office workers, ground maintenance workers, and more.

Many campground hosts generally have these positions included in their host duties. However, in Utah, you are simply there to greet the visitors and watch over the campgrounds. This is a wonderful plus for campground hosts here!

Camp Hosting in Virginia State Parks

Camp hosting in Virginia is exploring nature, learning new outdoor and educational skills, and becoming a part of a community that values you. There are 23 parks in Virginia that participate in the volunteer services program. 

Campground hosts are requested to volunteer for a minimum of 30 days but are limited to a maximum of 60 days. These length-stay rules are per park. You may move to another park after volunteering at one.

Camp Hosting: State Parks

Camp Hosting in New York State Parks

Camping season in New York is generally between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is a volunteer only position. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply at the New York State Parks listed below. You will need to be a seasoned camper and have a desire to help others. For these positions they are looking to staff folks who can commit to spending 2-4 weeks at a park.

During your short time commitment, you will have a schedule that includes working 5 days a week- including holidays and weekends. Shifts are short, as volunteers are usually only asked to work between two and five hours each day although you are considered always ‘on call’.  In exchange for your volunteer hours, campground hosts will be given a free campsite for their stay.

Camp Hosting: State Parks

Camp Hosting Jobs in Georgia State Parks

The Georgia State Parks System offers many volunteer positions for people wanting to lend a hand, but out of all of the volunteer positions inside the State Park System, the campground host is the most popular by far.

As you probably already know, Campground hosts are people who exchange their time in the form of volunteer hours, for a usually free place to park their RV. These positions can last weeks to several months and are a great way for RVers to hop around the country while making a big difference.

Camp Hosting in Texas State Parks

Are you interested in Camp Hosting in Texas State Parks? This season, this year or sometime further down the road, the Texas State Park System needs your help and welcomes RV volunteers.

Volunteers are seen as essential to the state park system in Texas. Camp hosts are needed at a variety of different State Park locations, and this could be the perfect work camping opportunity for you!

Camp Hosting: State Parks

Camp Hosting in Iowa State Parks

Are you interested in Camp Hosting in Iowa State Parks for a season or two? Maybe you just getting started looking into volunteering while RVing or you’re really interested in the ability to live and work in one of Iowa’s beautiful state parks.

This post is all about camp host jobs inside the state park system! So if you’re ready to get started let’s dive into the specifics of camping hosting in Iowa State Parks with details on basic duties, seasonal information, living accommodations, and a list of job opportunities.

Camp Hosting in California State Parks

State Park jobs in California, allow RVers to share their time in exchange for rewards, such as the opportunity to live in some of the most beautiful and sought-after locations California has to offer!  From beaches to mountains and just about everywhere in between, location is one of the main benefits of volunteer-based State Park jobs. California has much to offer RVers each and every season!

Camp Hosting: State Parks

Idaho State Parks Are Great For Workamping!

Volunteers have been helping to bring the Idaho State Park Host Program closer to its mission of providing quality recreation opportunities to guests for about 50 years. Each volunteer, regardless of their position, plays a critical part in allowing the program to meet its goals on day to day operations as well as specialized programs.

There are many different ways to volunteer your time inside the Idaho State Parks including Maintenance Hosts, Visitor Services Hosts, Interpretive Host, Special Projects and the popular Campground Host position that is so well known throughout the Workamping community.

This isn’t even a full list of all the State Parks that hire volunteer camp hosts! You can research almost any state and look into all the different camp hosting opportunities. Or you could let Live Camp Work do all that for you! So get ready to greet guests in the upper northwest or maintain the facilities in Florida. No matter how you choose to workamp, there is always a chance to make a difference in the world of fun and the outdoors.

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