I’m so excited about today, I can hardly contain myself! 

I just grabbed a new cookbook about KETO recipes and can’t wait to sit here and flip through it! I’ve never tried this low-carb, high-protein thing, but figured now would be a great time to do some research and see if it’s a good fit! (If you’re currently doing KETO or have tried it- hit replay and tell me what you think!!)

Since I’m so excited I’ll get right to the point of this email and let you know I just published a brand new post on LiveCampWork.com about Big Rigs Best Bets: An RV Community Secret, where I share a very stressful story about a big mistake we made when taking our New (to us) RV out on it’s maiden voyage…

Spoiler Alert: We wrecked it!

Catch the whole story by clicking here, you’ll totally understand why Big Rigs Best Bets is so helpful and a little secret amongst RVers! 

Also- I’ll be giving away 2 copies of the online version just for the people who clicked that link to read the blog! The winner will be drawn and announced via email and facebook on Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 10am Pacific!!!!

Good Luck & Talk to you soon,