An Evolution in Process:

Times Change…

Back in 1987, Workamper News was founded by a husband and wife duo who discovered a small group of retired professionals taking short-term positions as they traveled across the country and felt moved to provide a resource to help bring the jobs to the people who wanted them. They coined the word, added a trademark and as a result, the lifestyle of working as you travel would continue to develop and attract the attention of seniors across the map.

For many years the world of Workamping would continue to grow and develop as more and more people took their retirement on the road and worked as camp hosts at various state, national and private campgrounds across the US. So, yes, it all started with retirees and camp hosting positions, but as we all know… times change and Workamping is no different.

Naturally, Workamping has evolved to fit the needs and wants of the RV community over the past 30 years. What was once a few cozy retired citizens taking their funds on the road for adventures at the best national parks throughout the land, has now turned into one of the fastest growing alternative lifestyles the US has ever seen. Workamping now includes a growing population of younger campers from ages 18 – 45 who have no desire of a traditional life of 9-5 jobs, organized sporting activities for the kids, yard work on the weekends or quietly reading about amazing places in great books by the fireplace. These folks want to see and do as they please, blow into a new destination and conquer all it has to offer, then blow out again just like a cool summer breeze. These are the folks who are shaking up the traditional and bringing Workamping into the future.

With all of this in mind, you might still be wondering, “What is Workamping” and for you my inquisitive friend, I’d like to offer a simple answer… anything you want!


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