Do Other Families Workamp?

Do Other Families Workamp?

When we were planning our extended road trip, we researched tons of sites of people who had already started their fulltime journeys. We found websites of families on the road, that was solely dedicated to traveling with children fulltime. But when we actually started, we only met 2 during our first gig and then nothing. We had worked 5 Workamping jobs over the course of 2 years and only ran into one other Workamping family- when we searched them out specifically.

Until we went back to Amazon for another round of Camperforce, family Workampers® seemed not to exist. With all the young full-timers that seemed to be out there- why hadn’t we seen any others along the way?

Let me know if I’m wrong, but I believe the answer is a combination of the following two things:

  1. Families are not Workamping® because they feel their children are not welcome by many employers:

Almost 2 years ago, we booked a gig to work at a place in Northern Georgia. When they found out we were bringing kids with us, the man basically said we were no longer welcome and that we should add our kids to our resume like other campers add their pets. Offended and totally taken back, we booked an even better gig in Wisconsin at the Fort Atkinson Jellystone and had the best summer famkamping®, for the first time.

I’ve spoken to a few other Workamping families and this seems to be the norm. There are a lot of campgrounds that will not hire Workampers® who have children. A combination of misconceptions and preconceived notions blocks these employers from seeing the value in hiring Famkampers®.

Places catering to the seniors would be the only exception, I could really understand. General campgrounds and RV resorts have limited excuses that will justify even a second thought of an applicant with children, and family establishments have no excuse, at all.

 2. Families are choosing not to Workamp® because location independent jobs offer more flexibility for their travels:

When I search the web for fulltime families, I see very few who do not have some type of online business, web gig, or location independent career to fund their travels. The ability to work from home while you travel is amazing and makes for more freedom with your travels.

Personally, we choose to Workamp® because it allows us to lower our living expenses and earn income at the same time. We also manage this website and write freelance articles for income as well. This combination of income is our current preference.

Also, I do think a small part of the bigger picture, is perception. The perception that if you want to travel you have to have a job or business that allows you to work from your RV. After all, if the internet is full of location dependent families and Workamper® age 55+, it must be so!

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