2 Big Holiday Sales

Okay friends, we’re nearing the end of big sales and holiday specials!

If you’re still on the hunt on great deals and last minute steals- listen up!

1. Berkey Water Filtration Systems

Don’t miss the biggest sale of the year, the December Deep Discount Sale! I just got my first package in the mail with my Berkey Sports bottles and I gotta tell you- they are amazing! You can take them anywhere and always have clean, fresh tasting water!!! Don’t miss your chance to grab one!!!

Click below and enter your email to reveal the prices!!!!

Stock up ASAP, these prices are only available until December 19th at 11:59 pm MST. And just FYI the link they provide requires you to enter your email to reveal these prices, but of course you can always shop the regular sale items without it…just click on the menu.

2. Fix It Yourself Special 50% off Offer

Ed Wilcox is a full-time RVer. And a certified RV technician.

He created an online course specifically for RVers so you can Fix It Yourself. When you can Fix It Yourself, you don’t have to worry about the dealership taking forever. Or paying for the callout for the mobile RV tech before they even look at your RV.

And when you Fix It Yourself, you get some crazy self-esteem knowing that you can handle whatever your RV throws at you, even electrical issues like I’m having. You know that you can go on these epic long road trips and not worry about always knowing where the nearest RV tech is or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Ed will help you protect your investment in your RV and save you thousands of dollars over paying a tech to do it for you. He’s your secret weapon in fixing everything in your RV yourself. The first 100 readers to register can use the coupon code HALFOFF to get a 50% discount off the regular price of $197.

That means you get all these great RV maintenance videos for less than $100 – a bargain!

Why Not Rely on YouTube Videos?

We’ve all gone to YouTube to get videos to learn how to repair various aspects of our RVs. But Fix It Yourself is better.

  • First, Ed is a certified RV mechanic. He’s worked on tons of different kinds of RVs and seen all sorts of problems. By definition, he knows what he is talking about.
  • Second, Ed and his wife Liz (from The Virtual Campground) are full-time RVers. They know and understand this lifestyle and these machines.
  • Third, why spend hours searching for videos that will answer your questions? Ed and Liz have built a library of videos that are specific to problems that you will likely encounter while RVing. No need to aimlessly search through YouTube for something that may or may not help you.

Plus, you get access to Ed and Liz through their private Facebook group! So if you still need to ask questions, you know exactly who to go to and get help!

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